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- Thursday December 11, 2014
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Welcome to Dr. Bishop's Ottawa Weight Loss Center

Dr. Bishop Weight Management is an Ottawa-based weight loss clinic specializing in the integration of proper nutrition, fitness and motivation in order to help others in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Bishop and his team are devoted to eliminating weight concerns by improving, enhancing and maintaining the emotional and physical well-being of their clients.

Weight management is not just about a diet, but is about treating the whole person. Each of Dr. Bishop’s clients is unique and as such, receives personal attention. Regardless of age, lifestyle habits or medical conditions, Dr. Bishop and his team provide personalized care that places the focus on the individual.

Dr. Bishop and his staff are active members of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP; a group devoted to the study of obesity and its associated diseases) and make it a priority to attend ASBP conferences biannually. Dr. Bishop is a great believer in continuing education and for that reason, staff members attend a minimum of two Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses each year. By staying up to date and incorporating new ideas and innovations into the treatment of obesity, they are able to increase the odds of long-term success.