5 07, 2019

Create some simple rules

2019-07-05T10:15:46-04:00July 5th, 2019|Motivational Letters|

I no longer feel that weight loss and weight maintenance is as simple as focusing on food day by day. This not only becomes tedious, it leads to self-sabotage and disappointment. We need many other aspects of our lives to be balanced. Otherwise, it becomes much more difficult to feel in control of food. If we are feeling somewhat content with our daily routine, we are less likely to snack; similarly, if we are less fatigued, making more appropriate food choices is easier. That grumbling negative-chatter that often permeates our thoughts seems only to be settled with a quick grab [...]

7 06, 2019

Saying NO

2019-06-07T08:40:21-04:00June 7th, 2019|Motivational Letters|

Today I was impressed with a gentleman who has been losing weight, and has been very diligent about not giving in to summertime temptations. He acknowledged the fact that denying himself ice cream and cupcakes at his son's birthday wasn't easy, but he realizes he must change habits otherwise he will re-gain his weight just as he has done on every other diet he has tried. However, it was the matter of fact, yet succinct, way in which he stated the obvious that intrigued me: "You know, it's really not hard to say to someone, ‘You go ahead and have [...]

10 05, 2019

Bracing Yourself against a Toxic Environment

2019-05-10T07:35:06-04:00May 10th, 2019|Motivational Letters|

People with weight problems face a difficult, even toxic environment. The temptation to eat is constant, powerful, and compelling. If you pause for a moment to think, you might be surprised by how we accept this without the slightest protest. Think of the number of fast food restaurants you can find within a 15 minute drive of your home. Most now have drive-thru windows, which make it easier and faster to get loads of calories and fat. Most now serve breakfast and some are open 24 hours. Nearly every service station has been closed and remodelled to contain a mini-market [...]

3 05, 2019

Keeping a Journal

2019-05-03T09:03:18-04:00May 3rd, 2019|Motivational Letters|

We emphasize the importance of journaling at all times. Mind you, if you are losing weight and seem to have a good grasp of size of portions, and the triggers that make you eat and have these under control, you may not need to journal regularly. However, if you are struggling or off track, journaling is the single most effective way to get your self back on track. Remember. There is no point in keeping a journal unless it is a genuine conversation with yourself - a confrontation, in which you can learn something about yourself. The most important first [...]

18 04, 2019

Long Weekends and Special Events

2019-04-18T07:25:07-04:00April 18th, 2019|Motivational Letters|

You have had a good week and feel totally in control. Now you are facing the long weekend with dread. Holidays, parties, and special occasions can present a challenge as quite often the focus is on food. The trick is to be prepared, avoid the anxiety that sometimes comes along with dieting and celebrate at the same time. The following are a few suggestions to help you have fun and still control your eating. ? Planning ahead is important. Try to anticipate what foods might be available and have a general idea of what you might eat. ? Try to [...]

25 01, 2019

Tipping the balance in your favor

2019-01-25T08:13:02-04:00January 25th, 2019|Motivational Letters|

Imagine for a second that your mind and body are sitting on one side of a teeter-totter. On your side is your desire to make healthy choices; you ‘want' to eat well, do regular exercise and become more thin and fit. On the other side however sits the unhealthy environment that we must overcome. Tilting away from you is the food environment which includes an abundance of foods, snacking, convenience stores, vending machines, processed foods, less cooking, eating out more, large portions, fast food choices, value meals, food courts and all you can eat buffets. Tilting away from your exercise [...]

11 01, 2019

Get Right Back on Track!

2019-01-11T07:52:54-04:00January 11th, 2019|Motivational Letters|

These important words express the main rule of achieving success in weight control. Remember, no one is perfect. We must pre-plan our shopping, meals and exercise, but we will obviously not always carry out these plans perfectly. All is not lost when this occurs. Always focus your attention on the positive aspects of your behaviour. Don't use negative aspects for self-reproach; use them as a learning experience to inspire you to pursue productive and imaginative steps to achieve the goal of a lifestyle that leads to long-term weight control. GET RIGHT BACK ON TRACK means that every choice counts. A [...]

21 12, 2018

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Learn to Pre-Plan

2018-12-21T07:37:12-04:00December 21st, 2018|Motivational Letters|

The following is a newsletter provides some more good tips on how to avoid weight gain during the busy holiday period. With the stress that comes at this time of year, the best thing we can do for ourselves is be mindful of our environment and triggers. Avoid falling into the trap of guilt, frustration and self-loathing...if you eat something that "wasn't on program," get right back to healthy food at the very next meal or snack. Realize that we should never forbid ourselves of treats or special occasions. Instead, if we can always balance these situations out with healthy [...]

9 11, 2018

How did this Happen?

2018-11-09T12:23:41-04:00November 9th, 2018|Motivational Letters|

Feeling discouraged is something we all experience at certain times in our life. It can be discouragement about family, friends, a job or living space, but more often than not it comes down to discouragement we feel within and towards ourselves. We are constantly at battle with our own minds. We think and think to the point where we feel mentally exhausted, and the battle between negative and positive still rages on. I've spoken with a few people lately who are feeling discouraged. Whether they are coming in for the first time or have re-gained some of the weight they've [...]

2 11, 2018

Mind over Matter

2018-11-02T10:20:33-04:00November 2nd, 2018|Motivational Letters|

This is always a difficult time of year! We wake in the dark and go home in the dark. It feels like there are less opportunities, or a lack of desire to go for a walk in the evening time. I always hear about more snacking from patients, during the day, but especially in the evening. Today I met a woman, who says that “potato chips are my kryptonite”. She was at an event where they kept filling the bowl on her table with chips. Throughout the evening however, she kept talking to herself. She asked herself “do you want [...]

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