Your first consultation is about an hour to an hour and a half long.  In that time you see one of our counsellors as well as Dr. Bishop, and they set you up on a nutrition program based on the goal weight that you want to get to, taking into account your lifestyle habits and your medical history.  Our programs range from moderate low-carbohydrate to ketogenic, often involving some time restricted eating.  Some people choose to start off on a more restrictive approach to give themselves a kick-start, and then switch to a more conventional program after a certain period of time.

Due to an increased demand for our services and in an effort to be present and dedicated to our current clientele we are no longer booking Initial Consultation or Restart appointments until January 2022.

Please email to join our waitlist and we will contact you when appointments become available.

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While OHIP does cover the small medical portion of your visit with Dr. Bishop, they do not cover the remainder of the visit, which is considered “preventative medicine”. For this reason, the initial consultation fee is $150.00. We recommend weekly visits until you feel that you’re established. If things are going well you can choose to come every two weeks or every month – this is a personal choice. If you have insurance, we can provide you with a detailed receipt as some companies may reimburse a portion of the cost. Subsequent visits are $20.00; we suggest weekly visits, especially as you’re getting started. As you feel more comfortable and into a routine, you may decide to come in every 2 weeks or every month, whatever works best for your schedule. We also have high protein supplements available for purchase; however, these are only required with the very low calorie Medical program. With our higher-calorie Conventional programs, many people like to use them as mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, but this is not mandatory.

Counselling is always on an individual basis and our approach is very self-guided, not aggressive by any means. We give you the motivation and tools to acquire healthy lifestyle habits that you can use for a lifetime.

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