Weight related health issues are becoming a national epidemic. Because of the individual and societal impact we have endeavoured to develop a clinic that will help people work toward achieving a healthy weight, not only in the short term, but most importantly to achieve long term weight maintenance.

Losing weight is a difficult process for a lot of people. Reasons for the difficulty involve changing of lifetime habits or patterns of eating, learning to lose weight, and eat healthily even during adverse life events. Most people tend to overeat because of emotions, both good and bad. It is with this understanding that we provide one on one counseling to help overcome and change negative habits.

Weight loss is not just a simple matter of restricting calories, it involves a total lifestyle change focusing on regular exercise, portion control, and the ability to continually learn to change patterns of behavior that have lead to weight gain so that you can look towards a permanent loss of weight, and not engage in what is referred to as yo-yo dieting. We will work towards helping everyone develop healthy eating habits, begin an exercise program (or direct them to people or facilities with expertise in this area), and help motivate you to continue lifelong change.

Our counselors will stay abreast of all current information concerning weight management and methods of exercise by attending regular conferences put on twice per year by the American Bariatric Association. These provide us with state of the art knowledge, delivered by top professors of Nutrition, Kinesiology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Medicine, and Alternative Medicine from major Universities in the United States and Canada.

We have a great interest in associated medical conditions related to weight, and will work with your family doctor, to minimize risks related to any associated medical diseases.

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