How long does it take to get an appointment?
Depending on your flexibility, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to get an initial consultation. Occasionally, the wait time can be longer.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No. While some clients have been referred by their doctor, it is not necessary.

I used to be a client, but I stopped coming. Am I able to come back?
Definitely, the door is always open! Since your first visit back will be longer and more detailed, we do have a fee for anyone that has been away for 6 months or more. Rather than paying the initial consultation fee of $150.00, the restart fee is only $60.00.

If you have been away for 5 years or longer we will ask that you book in for an initial consultation appointment at a cost of $150.00 so that we can spend the time to go over the program in depth with you.

What makes your method different than others?
Truly, any method of weight loss can be effective, but there is a necessity to individualize food intake and monitor it long-term. By meeting with people one-on-one and we can ensure that the plan meets their specific needs and lifestyle. We do not have group meetings and you only pay for the visits you attend.

What defines success?
Simply stated, success is short-term weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. Maintenance of goal weight beyond two years is important in order to prevent the so-called yo-yo effect of off and on dieting.

Can your clinic help someone who has been on many diets and failed?
Yes, we believe so. Our approach is to monitor people, work with them,adapt and modify care whenever necessary. We also use tools to allow someone to recognize triggers of negative habits, and modify their behaviour towards eating and food. An open mind and a commitment by individuals to changing negative habits is necessary.

Can a person with a busy lifestyle be successful?
Dieting should never be a burden, even with today’s hectic schedules. In point of fact, healthy eating and weight loss should result in more energy to cope with the demands of daily living.

Is exercise necessary?
We understand that weight loss must be integrated into a healthy lifestyle. Achieving short-term success is exciting, but the goal is to maintain the weight loss lifelong. To do this, we believe that integrating a healthy method of eating, along with regular exercise is necessary; we work with our clients to find the most efficient ways to blend these tasks into busy lives.

Are special products necessary?
We offer high quality protein products for clients who wish to use them. These protein products are important to prevent loss of muscle mass when a person is consuming fewer calories than their body is normally used to. Many people enjoy them as snacks, but they are completely optional.

How does one develop realistic goals?
Our clinic will provide individual advice on nutrition and exercise. Goals are established by considering factors specific to individuals (i.e. health, lifestyle habits, physical ability, etc.), as well as factors that may have previously inhibited successful weight loss.

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