During these times of lockdown, with all of us enduring increased stress, less exercise, and less ability to be with friends and family, it’s no wonder that I see people snacking more, not losing weight and getting frustrated.

I’m right there with you.


  1. Lack of refreshing sleep; if we are tired, we snack more. Our desire for simple processed carbohydrates worsens. Whatever you can do to get proper sleep, do it. (Step one is to stop watching the news on TV—nothing but negativity.) Read a book, do a craft, listen to calm music; anything to try and avoid scrolling and surfing the internet late at night.
  2. Be aware of your danger times for snacking. Can you make a rule, not to snack at all after 7 pm tonight? Then, try tomorrow night. Evening snacking increases energy storage and suppresses fat metabolism.
  3. No matter what, get outside, even if only for a short time. Move your body if you can.  Of all the ways to lower stress (which will help prevent stress eating), this is the best. We need time to be present and let the frustrations of the day diminish. Fresh air and/or exercise are the best ways to do reset our mind and feel a bit better.

Focus on things that naturally help reduce stress hormones: sleep; nature and fresh air; movement.  Take baby steps to get back to where you want to go.

Never give up!

Dr. Doug