There was an excellent statement by Dr. Robert Schuller who said: “Success isn’t the opposite of failing. A runner may come in last, but if he beats his personal previous best record, he succeeds.” You see, many of us will consider ourselves failures at times because of subjects we failed at school, failing to make a team, previous “diet” failures etc. Failing means only that you were not as prepared as you could have been; so, keep trying because you are never a failure until you completely give up.

A lot of my motivation comes from the efforts I see in others, especially those who put in great efforts to conquer their weight problem. Recently, one client who we’ve seen over the past few years started a steady weight loss after continuous set-backs due to health and motivational issues. Her success can only be attributed to that singular characteristic of “never giving up”. She knew the answer was in finding methods inside of her that would have her believe that she could truly eat well and get healthier. She used a combination of: positive affirmations; seeing a counselor to develop techniques of choosing better quality foods; and, finding methods to control the pain in her joints so that she could walk further.  Her weight loss journey has now begun. It has not been easy for her; but, we can learn from her:

– She learned not to be overwhelmed by “failure”, but to look at it as a challenge, as a learning experience to discover what might work better for her.

– She focused on success. She knew that somehow, sometime she would find the right techniques, the right attitude and the necessary belief system that she could really lose weight.

– Despite many attempts (perceived “failures”), she kept at it. It was her hard work, patience and determination that have finally paid off.

We need to find our own path. What works for one person may not work for another. Making healthy food choices, being pro-active and preparing snacks for the next day, getting up earlier to exercise may all sound easy but they are not. We need an attitude shift. We must truly want to be healthier. But, more importantly, we must really believe we can do this. Developing and sustaining this belief is the most difficult part

If you have “failed” at losing weight or sustaining weight loss in the past, it is no reason to believe that you will fail this time. Do not brood about past failures, because this will become your reality. Look for new solutions and work on developing a positive belief system every day.

Keep learning from your mistakes; keep pushing forward continue trying. You can do this. Don’t ever give up.

Dr.  Doug