As I was tidying up the other day, I came across some old lecture notes from an Obesity Medicine conference we attended about 9 years ago. I remember feeling privileged to listen to a keynote lecture by Dr. Denis Waitley. He is a Psychologist, and at that time, was an advisor to the American Olympic team. His talk was on how we, as individuals, have choices: emotional choices. We can listen to the internal voice of helplessness or turn our minds towards optimism. He noted that it takes about 600 days for an athlete to develop a consistent habit of sport excellence. So, realize that it takes time for each of us to learn to eat consistently well, and exercise consistently. If we learn to keep focused on what we want, and not allow discouragement to evolve, we can and will achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

You see, your thoughts are the only thing over which you have complete control. Because your mind is so subject to the dominating influences of your environment, you must take control over those influences by developing beneficial mental habits. By doing so, you translate thought into action. Your success depends on the strength and quality of your controlled mental habits.

Recently I’ve heard many people say they have “lost motivation;” or, they “just can’t seem to stop the evening snacking;” or, they “feel like giving up.”  These feelings often come with cooler weather, shorter days, and the inevitable change in seasons. But this year, amidst the covid-19 pandemic, feelings of hopelessness and fear are really taking their toll on people.

You must re-define your major purpose. Why do you want to eat well and lose weight? Ask yourself this question over and over, and search for a multitude of reasons. Then, you must focus on your ability to eat well and exercise regularly no matter what is going on around you. This is your life, your health, your peace of mind and your future.

As you register (over and over) what you want to achieve in your subconscious mind, gradually you will automatically start working toward that goal using your imagination. The mind is powerful and it will come up with ideas and plans for you to attain your purpose.

As you think your way toward your goal, affirming over and over that you will get there no matter what, you will take action. Each action you take will gradually create a controlled habit, and ultimately that process will become more ingrained.

Be enthusiastic in your thinking. Results may not occur immediately, but they WILL occur. Remain positive about your outcome; be definite in your purpose. Don’t be deflected by friends, family or life situations.

If you are presently stuck, spend time on your thinking. Is your mental attitude one of helplessness that you won’t find a way out of your habits? Or, can you force your emotions to take an optimistic view: that you are only in a temporary setback and no matter what, you WILL find a solution to turn things around, because you deserve it.

Hang in there. You can do it. Don’t ever give up on achieving your goals!

Dr. Doug