I realized that it has been a couple of weeks since I have written a new motivational letter and I have two choices:

1. I can feel badly, perhaps even guilty for not applying myself and putting off a task I deeply enjoy doing until the last minute to accomplish.


2. I can accept that I may have slipped on my normal Thursday night routine and get back at it with no emotion or guilt. I can simply accept the choices I have made and move on; be proactive.

I choose 2!

I like the other 6 billion plus people in this world am anything but perfect. I get dressed in the morning just like everyone else, have the same worries, same tendencies to procrastinate and turn to snacking to quell my inner angst; yes, every now and then I mess up, fall behind and get lazy, disappoint myself, just like 6 billion other people.

We all know the sayings:

A: nobody’s perfect
B: It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, as long as you get up again
C: We learn through our struggles and failures, and so on.

So, like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, watching our food intake, staying active…we are all susceptible to periods of weakness. WE ALL have good days and bad days when it comes to eating and moving. Feeling guilty? Well, that will not help us for one second.

Guilt is in my opinion, a useless emotion. We are far better to use our emotional energy to better understand why we did whatever it was that has us feeling guilty. Learn from the situation, then act to not repeat it.

I could feel guilty for delaying my motivational letter writing, and I might feel very guilty for these cookies beside me (now finished!), or I could take steps to improve. For me, this starts with accepting that I am not perfect; messing up is par for the course of being human. It will happen again, I know that.

Recognizing this and taking actions to remedy it will help my long-term situation more than wallowing in guilt. So, I have put the oatmeal raisin cookies away and am moving forward with my plan. I will finish writing my thoughts, and realize tomorrow is a fresh beginning. Now, having admitted to all of this, since my insulin is now through the roof due to exceed sugars—I will let it settle down by not eating till supper tomorrow.

My friends! We are all searching for good health. The ride is a long and sometimes torturous journey. No guilt. Get back on track and know I realize your struggles—I deal with them too.

Never give up!
Dr. Doug