Movement is lacking for most of us. We are told to exercise, but we feel compromised by time. Worse, we limit our movement because of ‘fatigue’. Doing something is much much better than nothing!

1. Buy an exercise ball on Amazon and sit on it for one TV program (it will force you to stabilize your core as it works on your balance).

2. During commercials stand up and do 10 or 15 simple squats (not deep-don’t hurt your knees).

3. In the kitchen, place your hands on the counter (while waiting for something to boil or cook), put your feet back and do 10 to 15 upright push-ups off the counter.

4. While stirring a pot or waiting for the microwave, do 15 toe raises to strengthen your calves.

5. While watching TV, lean down and twist and touch the inside of one foot, then bring your arm back and reach up high to stretch; now do the other hand/foot and back up to stretch. Do this 15 times.

6. If you have a flat wall, lean against it with your both feet out, then slide down and hold a squat (not too deep) for 5 seconds and then stand back up. Could you do this 5 or 10 times?

7. Stretch, stretch, stretch. When getting out of bed, sit at the side and reach up high on one side and gently tilt to one side, then do the same on the other side. Even if lying in bed, bring one knee to chest with your hands to stretch your lower back and hamstrings.

8. High knees. For 1 minute stand and lift one leg and then the other to hip height—tap flat of hand on thigh (forearms at 90 degrees).

9. Depending on your flexibility try mountain climbers. Put your hands on the ground, feet straight back and then bring in one knee to chest and then the other; as if you are climbing. Try 20? This should make you short of breath.

10. If you can; again, during a commercial, do a plank for 30 to 60 seconds.

Be creative…. you can incorporate movement into your life. If you ever see someone stretching their legs, shoulders and back while pumping gas——that’s me!

We’ve talked about snacking on exercise before; however you don’t even need to dedicate 5 or 7 minutes, just 15 to 30 seconds here and there; over time you will reap big benefits and create a healthy habit while increasing strength and decreasing stress.

You can do it. Just do something. Don’t just sit.

Dr. B