These are likely the most common things I hear when people tell me why they didn’t exercise or why they had trouble making good decisions about food. I’m not really sure who isn’t too busy or too tired, but I think it’s important we realize when we might just be making excuses for not doing those things which bring us closer to our goal.

We create our own energy, and we define our own lives. We cannot allow ourselves to give in to perceived ‘busyness’ or perceived ‘fatigue.’

If you know you will feel better tomorrow if you do a 20 minute walk, or go to Zumba class or aquafit, and then just go. Don’t listen to those voices of ‘fatigue;’ you will feel energized and proud of yourself for going. Similarly, don’t use “I’m too busy” as an excuse, because everyone is busy. It is a matter of making priorities. If sitting down and planning your meals or writing in your journal helps you stay on track, then do it and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way unless it is a true emergency. We are deflected by small things in our lives and negate ourselves.

If you feel ‘tired’ then you might try visualizations. For instance, if you weigh 234 pounds and want to be 180 then visualize yourself getting on the scales, looking down and seeing it register 180. See yourself fitting into that pair of pants, outfit or dress that was too tight before. Visualize how you will look and feel. If you do this, it will help get you out of that negative state of mind and help you make better decisions to get to your goal.

The human mind is so powerful that we can manifest for ourselves virtually anything we focus on. The problem is that most people focus in on life’s negativities, and in doing so, draw in negative people, experiences and circumstances.

There is “enough” time in the day to get things done. Try to avoid saying “I’m too busy.” Find 5 minutes somewhere where you can walk, write, meditate, visualize or stretch. There is time; we just choose not to look for it.

Take responsibility for yourself, your feelings and what YOU want to achieve. Don’t allow negative statements to stall your progress. Make affirmations: “I WILL do this. I CAN do this. If I stumble today I will succeed tomorrow.”

It’s a mindset, but it takes work. Keep on trying and don’t ever give up. You can do it!

Dr. Doug