These important words express the main rule of achieving success in weight control. Remember, no one is perfect. We must pre-plan our shopping, meals and exercise, but we will obviously not always carry out these plans perfectly.

All is not lost when this occurs. Always focus your attention on the positive aspects of your behaviour. Don’t use negative aspects for self-reproach; use them as a learning experience to inspire you to pursue productive and imaginative steps to achieve the goal of a lifestyle that leads to long-term weight control.

GET RIGHT BACK ON TRACK means that every choice counts. A deviation is not failure, and it doesn’t mean all is lost. Even if you find yourself getting off-track, stop and think about why being “on-track” is so important to you as an individual. Are you focusing on lowering blood sugars? Exercising more? Decreasing your pant size? We all have our own, specific goals that we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

EVERYONE deviates from their nutrition and exercise regime one time or another.

The quality that separates a successful weight controller from an unsuccessful one is not perfection, but the ability to GET RIGHT BACK ON TRACK after a deviation occurs. Thoughts such as: “I’ll wait until next week….or month…or season to restart…” are full of risk. Get back on track AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You WILL be successful.

So, pre-plan your shopping, meals and snacks as best you can. Most importantly, however, is the short and long-term ability to achieve a mind-set that allows you to GET RIGHT BACK ON TRACK after ANY self-perceived deviation. (Don’t spend any emotional time on “beating yourself up” for not being perfect; just focus on the next meal, the next day, and the next week.)

You can do it. Hang in there, and if you get off track: GET RIGHT BACK ON TRACK!! Keep it up!

Dr. Doug