I was at swim practice the other day, and not swimming at the level I should be at. I was struggling to keep up and frustrated with my lack of aerobic and anaerobic power. I know I have not been training anywhere near what I need to be doing, nevertheless, my inner self expected more than I was capable of at that time. As I kept swimming I relaxed, realizing, like everything else we all do in life, it’s a process. If I would show up more regularly for practice, and train more frequently my expectations should manifest.

This is the inner talk we all go through. We expect something more of ourselves without putting in the necessary effort. It is unlikely that I could run a marathon unless I had put in months of running as a base.

Weight loss and weight maintenance are very frustrating. It takes time! It takes daily work. It takes the ability to think long term. A lot of us are in the cocoon stage—-evolving—until that butterfly emerges.

One woman told me she needs ‘immediate gratification.’ What does that mean? To lose 20 pounds in a day? Is that remotely possible? Of course not. What it really means is that we expect results without being prepared to put the necessary physical and emotional work that it needs to change our behaviours.

After Easter, many people were off track. We had holidays with friends, family and food, and we gave ourselves permission to eat more foods than we required. All of that is fine, so long as we don’t beat ourselves up for our indiscretions. You simply need to push forward. Get back on track and don’t spend a moment reflecting on how ‘terrible’ you have been.

I’ve said many times, it takes just one day of good eating and some exercise to feel we have regained control. Too often we sit and remain frustrated with ourselves thinking ‘why even try?’ Don’t allow yourself to think this way. Do something. Anything; but something that is positive for your ongoing health.

Push on. Go for a walk. Tonight, just one night, don’t snack! We get where we want to go by doing small things; small things done regularly lead to a feeling of confidence and control.

For my swimming; well, I have to do this more regularly and can’t expect better results with little effort. For your weight loss, it’s no different. Daily work (truthfully more mental than physical), will bring you results. There will be plateaus and frustrations, but these will pass.

Just keep trying and never ever give up!

Dr. Doug