James Allen said: “Dream lofty dreams and as you dream, so shall you become.”
When I hear people say: “I’ve lost focus;” or, “I’m overwhelmed;” or, “I haven’t got any more motivation;” or, “There is so much going on in my life, I just can’t handle worrying about this program,” I’m left wondering about how I can help the individual regain the enthusiasm, drive, desire and tenacity to get back on track.
You see, I say these things to myself also. I think most human beings do. The question is: “Are there methods to turn around self-defeating thoughts?” There are!
• Visualizations
• Affirmations
• Verbalizations
• Acting the Part
• Feeding your Mind
• Associating with positive people
• Teaching others
Visualizations are terribly important to work on. They are powerful tools to help you intensify your desires and deepen your beliefs. They increase your will-power and build your persistence.
You must visualize your goal. This could be your health, getting a great result on a sugar or cholesterol or BP test, how you want to look before your holiday, how you would look in a certain dress or suit, visualizing yourself on the starting line of an athletic event, or even how you want to feel as you play with your children or grandchildren — anything.
Be vivid. Make it clear. Work on it until you see yourself at your desired goal. The more you practice, the easier it is for you to quickly bring this image into your subconscious focus.
Can this help? Indeed it can. Let’s say you are invited out for dinner and you are faced with not only your emotional desire for a large plate of food followed by dessert, but also the hosts may know you are trying to lose weight and try to sabotage you by saying “you look fine,” “have fun tonight and go back on that diet tomorrow.” At this point you can quickly visualize yourself on a beach, golfing, playing tennis, playing with your children, or sitting comfortably in an airplane seat. This image is your goal. This is what you want to achieve and it takes time and effort. Every time you are delayed by a meal or people who want to sabotage, this just delays you reaching your finishing line (your ultimate goal).
So, practice goal-setting. Try doing it through visualization techniques.
We can reach our goals. It takes work, but you have the tools to achieve it. The diet is but a small part. Practice visualization to reach your goal.
You can do it. Just keep trying, and hang in there!
Dr. Doug