Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes that we are trying to make. We are trying to change our eating habits and exercise routines, our sleep and deal with stress, and we get stuck. We are trying to accomplish so much change, that it becomes overwhelming, and so we do nothing.

Every one of us is in this life together. Separate, but in so many ways, together, and we wish for the same things. Happiness, good health, excitement. Often we find it difficult to define and achieve good health as our lives seem to get so busy. We are tugged from family obligations to work demands, looking after children or elderly parents or many other situations that seem to crop up daily.

Every day I see people getting so discouraged because they didn’t eat perfectly, and didn’t lose weight. This discouragement simply leads to continued poor habits, and they feel stuck and unmotivated—-helpless.

We all know that small changes will ultimately lead to big changes. If you feel stuck then what can you do this week? Is there just one habit you might work on that will feel good if you do it? I’ve challenged a few people to focus on the evening and see if on two or three days per week they could avoid any snacks after dinner. Some people don’t perceive things as snacks such as a warm glass of milk before bed, but this will spike insulin and really sabotage your weight loss efforts. Can you aim for a few nights of no snacks?

I struggle with a lot of people to just add a little bit of exercise. With the snow melting and the days lighter, could you obligate yourself to do a 15 minute walk after dinner? I guarantee, if you can just force yourself out the door you will feel psychologically and physically better when you return.

Sleep; almost everyone I see (myself included), has poor sleep hygiene. We are staying up too late looking at our IPads or watching TV and delaying getting to sleep which is so necessary for our health and weight loss. Just think! Better sleep, better chance of losing weight. Thus, can you turn your lights off, or put on tinted glasses while you read on your smartphone or tablet, and try then to get to sleep earlier?

We are deprived of natural sunlight. Again, with the warmer days, you could take a quick walk at lunch, just to get some natural light and fresh air which will help you metabolically and psychologically.

These are just some small ideas. Don’t feel you have to be ‘perfect’ at everything; none of us are. However, don’t allow yourself to stay stuck and unmotivated. Change something. Do something. This will lead to bigger changes later on.

You can do it. Don’t ever give up trying.
Dr. Doug