Challenging Oneself

I learn from my patients every day. As much as I read and advise and try to help, I find that each person develops their own way. A lot of the time, individuals surprise and motivate me. As much as I would like to be doing some of the things I advise, often I slide as everyone does.

A diabetic woman I saw today who started with us already taking 26 units of insulin, surprised me with her determination to change. Facing many barriers, including a busy work life, travelling for work weekly, an active social life and little time for exercise simply decided to change. The change she decided to make was amazing. Although I talk a lot about eating low carbohydrates (especially with a diabetic), I often mention the benefits of fasting for the body. Not just weight loss, but decreased inflammation, more energy, clarity of mind and so on.

Being the busy woman she is, she understood the benefits of low carb eating, but found that she would challenge herself to ‘fast’ more. What ended up happening in a very short time, was a woman eating only one meal a day (and bone broth or cabbage soup if hungry), losing a quick 15 pounds. She is now off insulin. Her sugars are normal (no carbohydrates) and with the fasting, she quickly improved her insulin resistance.

I thought her social life would suffer, but she met a friend at a restaurant, and the friend ate while she sipped coffee. Remember, this is your life and your health, not your friends or family—you determine how you are going to eat.

To me, not surprisingly, she didn’t find this difficult. She isn’t hungry, is not craving (fasting will do this) and because she is so excited to be off insulin and have more energy, her motivation to continue is huge.

Now, do I want everyone to eat one meal a day? No. I don’t expect that. However, depending on your activity levels and inherent metabolic resting rate, you might feel just fine on this. Remember though, that she had great motivation to ‘fix’ her type 2 diabetes. One can do this relatively easily, but it takes mental fortitude to decide to change.

If you are struggling with what to eat, or wondering why nothing is happening, maybe you could challenge yourself to ‘fast’ 15 hours or 18 hours two times per week as a start. Possibly you won’t see many changes initially, but ultimately you will realize you won’t die of starvation; it’s a start. We need to learn that eating three meals per day and two snacks is unnecessary.

Challenge yourself. I’ll do the same. You can do it. Make a plan and just try.

Dr. Doug

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